Ampacimon Raises €10 Million in Series C Funding Round and partners with Junction Growth Investors to advance Grid Excellence.


Belgium, October 16th, 2023 – Ampacimon, the global leader in Grid Enhancing Technologies, is thrilled to announce the successful conclusion of its Series C funding round, securing €10 million in growth equity to further drive innovation in the T&D power sector. Founded in 2010, Ampacimon has pioneered the optimization of overhead lines and underground cables for electricity grid operators, delivering remarkable advancements in grid performance and reliability. Along with Ampacimon’s longstanding investors – Korys, Noshaq, Creos, and Gesval – who all remain on board, Junction Growth Investors now joins Ampacimon’s shareholders and Board of Directors.

Ampacimon’s solutions, encompassing Dynamic Line Rating (DLR), Partial Discharge Monitoring, and Fault Detection, enable electricity grids to enhance their power transmission capacity by an average of 30%. Simultaneously, they strengthen operational reliability by enabling early detection, diagnosis, and pinpointing of potential failures. Ampacimon’s technology finds direct applications in reducing congestion costs (5 Md € annually in Germany alone) and the renewables “connection queue” (1500 GW of renewable projects waiting to be connected, for lack of grid capacity in Europe and the US).

Leveraging patents and advanced software solutions, Ampacimon harnesses data from advanced sensors deployed on grids to optimize its customers T&D assets. The company’s consistent high double-digit annual growth since inception has resulted in global presence, with offices across Belgium, Spain, and the USA. Ampacimon boasts the largest installed base of DLR systems globally.

Prominent industry leaders such as RTE, PPL, Tepco, EdP, Hydro-Québec, Red Eléctrica, SVK amongst others have long been loyal Ampacimon customers, enjoying the benefits of these cutting-edge technologies for years.

Frédéric Vassort, CEO of Ampacimon, enthusiastically states, “The proceeds from this funding round will be used to accelerate Ampacimon’s expansion. The energy transition brings monumental challenges, and grid operators are in dire need of innovative solutions. In North America, our AAR and DLR leadership positions us to help customers navigate the formidable ‘renewables connection queue’ challenge in particular. To strengthen our breakthrough in the US, we bring in none other than Neil Chatterjee, the former Chairman of US energy regulator FERC, as an independent director.”

Ampacimon’s longstanding contributing investors – Korys, Noshaq, Creos, and Gesval – take part in the current capital round, thrilled to keep participating in the company’s remarkable growth and unwavering commitment to grid optimization. They are happy to keep supporting Ampacimon’s global expansion, further solidifying its position as the market leader in grid monitoring solutions.’

Pieter-Jan Mermans, managing director at Junction Growth Investors, comments: “We are delighted to join Ampacimon’s shareholders and Board of Directors to further support Ampacimon’s international growth. We were impressed with the positive feedback from existing transmission & distribution customers. Our team looks forward to putting decades of operational experience in energy tech, grid management and market regulation to work for the benefit of Ampacimon and its clients.”

As Ampacimon accelerates its mission to enable the energy transition toward a lower emissions world, the convergence of funding and collaboration with Junction Growth Investors, Korys, Creos, Noshaq and Gesval is set to expedite grid excellence, resilience, and efficiency.