Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is at the core of every decision we’ve made since the start.

We treat the planet, its inhabitants and its resources with care.

Sustainability is at the core of our being. It’s about how we show up. As entrepreneurs, every day. It’s about how we work together. With partners, and as a close team. It’s about how we envision the future, based on a values-driven mindset and an authentic approach.

In short, sustainability is the beating heart of our organization.

We invest in people and companies with whom we share that passion and who want to build solutions to the challenges of human and planetary well-being.

By building an ecosystem in which companies inspire and strengthen each other, we increase our relevance and long-term impact together.

We invest as entrepreneurs, guided by our values and our long-term vision, systematically applying our 5P framework. We want to see a positive contribution on People, Planet, Prosperity, in Partnership and in a constructive way (Peace).

Companies can count on us as an involved investor with broad experience and a network to support them along the way in values-driven and sustainable entrepreneurship.

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