Our culture

Trust, respect and integrity

Trust matters. We value an authentic and human approach. Fusing our strengths, we find each other in our dedication to make a positive difference. Integrity, trust and respect is what connects us.

Together, we make conscious choices about how we invest to ensure we create a positive impact. Together, we face the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. Day after day, we are entrepreneurs who are committed to transform the future.

Growth is a
state of mind

We believe in growth opportunities for people. At Korys, people can truly be themselves while they enjoy opportunities to develop their talents, passions and expertise. Together we show our commitment to excel, thrive and take initiative.

Our drive

To build an ecosystem of healthy and values-driven companies that make a positive difference: that is what drives us.

Guided by our passion and entrepreneurial mindset, we look at the future with an optimistic, creative and open mind.

We spot opportunities by making conscious decisions, clear analyses and effective straightforwardness. Step by step, we move forward, trusting our knowledge and our intuition. Every step is executed with care and appreciation for our joint contributions.

Building on each other’s strengths, we create the world we live in, today and tomorrow.

Our journey

From a family company to an entrepreneurial investment company. Following the Colruyt legacy, we are driven by a dedication to create a positive contribution.

Every new leap, highlight or milestone in our timeline signals our values-driven, long-term and sustainable commitment to the future.


The sustainability strategy involves our comprehensive 5P sustainability criteria. A positive contribution to People, Planet, Prosperity, in Partnership and Peace.


Korys grows and moves to its own building.
Team expanded to over 20 employees.


Establishment of Korys as the Entrepreneurial Investment Company of the family.
Korys invests in 3 investment themes: Conscious Consumer, Energy Transition and Healthy Living. Across 3 investment types: Direct Investments, Fund Investments and Liquid investments.


Establishment of our own Liquid Fund in Luxembourg, with sustainability criteria from the start.


Fund Investments
Liquid Investments


Initial investments in early-stage companies.
Establishment of the family investment intention: all investments need to contribute positively to People, Planet and Profit.


After more than 28 years as CEO, Jef Colruyt hands over the day-to-day management of Colruyt Group to new CEO Stefan Goethaert. As chairman of the Board of Directors, Jef remains closely involved in the group’s future.


By launching the Eco-score, which simply indicates the environmental impact of products, Colruyt Group, together with its employees and customers, wants to contribute step by step to a better environment and make more conscious consumption possible.


Launch of the Colruyt Group logo. With ‘Colruyt Group’ as the umbrella name, all chains maintain a link with their past.


After the death of Jo, his son Jef Colruyt follows in his footsteps. He starts diversifying into retail brands.


First Private Equity Fund by Colruyt


Colruyt creates the Green Line charter for a better environment. Products with a better footprint get a green label in store.


Initial public offering of Colruyt (IPO)


First Discount supermarket


Opening of the first BONI store


Son of baker Franz Colruyt founds a wholesaler and focuses on groceries in Brussels and its surroundings. He sells goods such as coffee, salt and sugar.

Parkwind is ready to scale their experience on a global level with JERA

Paul Tummers, CEO of Virya Energy, the energy holding of Korys and Colruyt Group, reflects on the transition from Parkwind to JERA: “Like parents watching their child leave the nest, we find...

“Our goal is to save as much energy as the city of Utrecht annually consumes, by 2027”

'Korys provided us with the space we needed to further develop. They proved to be a perfect match for Sensorfact.' A born entrepreneur, for whom trial and error is just part of the learning process....

Newpharma: from sick care to health care

Ready for the next exciting chapter in our growth story A hands-on mentality and a strong focus on the conscious consumer. “That’s what we and Korys have in common and that’s also why we hit it off...