Korys invests in Bio-Life Laboratory


Gembloux / Halle, 6 February 2020 - Korys announces its investment in Bio-Life Laboratory, and teams up with the founders as shareholder and partner of the new holding company. Bio-Life Laboratory is a market-leading producer of organic and natural food supplements. The company’s focus on its own brand Be-Life Natural Products©, with an exceptionally natural, healthy and sustainable proposition, proved to be a strong match with Korys’ investment strategy.

A market leader in nutri- and phytotherapy products

Bio-Life is a Belgian laboratory based in the province of Namur, which manufactures and sells a full range of over 130 references in organic and natural nutritherapeutic and phytotherapeutic products under its own brand Be-Life Natural Products and acts as a distributor for products complementary to its own product range (Aprolis, Phytonorm, Laboratoires Quinton, Primavera, La Gravelline, Sanitas). It was founded by its current shareholders Sandra Lennertz and Bruno Thysebaert, both pioneers in the field of organic and natural dietary supplements, in 1991. Today, Bio-Life Laboratory employs about 30 people in Belgium and intends to continue growing in the future. The current family and team will remain in the driver’s seat in order to keep realising growth and maintain the long-term vision. Ms Sandra Lennertz, General Manager, co-founder and shareholder of the company, is proud to team up with Korys, while the founding family stays on board to keep working on the development and the strengthening of the company on a stand-alone basis: “The participation of Korys allows us to keep doing what we are good at: building a strong product portfolio, a brand identity and company values. We see Korys as a patient, supportive and value-driven investment partner with a long-term perspective that focuses on sustainability. With the support of Korys, we are convinced that we will be able to bring the company to its fullest potential.” Mr Bruno Thysebaert, Scientific Director, co-founder and shareholder, says: “Continuing the journey with strong partners that are also driven by innovation, R&D, and sustainability is the ideal scenario for us. Furthermore, we are convinced that Korys will not only reinforce the shareholding structure but will also be able to share their relevant experience and deep knowledge of expanding a business.” Mr Damien Thysebaert, Head of Sales & Marketing, one of the two sons active in the company, announces: "For Bio-Life Laboratory, we wanted a dynamic partner who was willing to support the company in the development of its new projects and products in the short and long term. All of this, of course, in accordance with the values we share and will continue to uphold."

An exceptional product offering built on the right foundations and strong underlying consumer trends

With consumer buying behaviour increasingly being driven by health concerns and pivoting towards more conscious consumption, Bio-Life’s product portfolio is exceptionally well positioned with its focus on natural, healthy and innovative food supplements brands loved by a host of loyal customers.

Korys strongly believes in the growing market of vitamins, minerals and nutritional and herbal supplements, within which Bio-Life Laboratory takes a distinct position with its organic and holistic product offering: “We love the strong heritage of Bio-Life Laboratory as a value-driven ‘family’ company with a strong philosophy on sustainability. We believe in the potential of the brand to reach an even larger international scale and embrace the commercial opportunities that come with the changes in today’s retail landscape. We are extremely enthusiastic to welcome Bio-Life Laboratory to our Conscious Consumer eco-system and are looking forward to working together”, says Thomas De Kempeneer, Investment Director of Korys.

About Korys

Korys is the investment company of the Colruyt family. Today, it has more than EUR 4.5 billion of assets under management. Besides holding a significant participation in the Colruyt Group, a leading retail company in Belgium and France, it actively manages participations in privately held companies and in private equity funds. Korys has also set up proprietary funds to manage its portfolio of listed investments. Across its activities, Korys’ investment decisions are taken with a long-term perspective and on basis of strict economic (Profit), social (People) and ecological (Planet) criteria. Korys aims to create sustainable value in 3 major ecosystems: Life Sciences, Energy Transition and Conscious Consumer. To do this, Korys can count on a motivated team of 30 professionals based in Belgium and Luxembourg.
More information is available on www.korys.be

Contact Korys:
Thomas De Kempeneer
Investment Director

+32 2 318 25 35
+32 499 80 12 21

About Bio-Life Laboratory

Bio-Life Laboratory is a leading brand manufacturer (Be-Life Natural Products) and distributor of healthy, natural and organic food supplements. Over the past 30 years Bio-Life Laboratory has built an excellent reputation in Belgium and is now expanding into neighbouring countries and beyond and supplies all professional channels from independent medical professionals to dietary stores and pharmacies. Bio-Life’s mission is to continue to provide people with a unique line of highly assimilable food complements, to be a laboratory concerned about the scientific and environmental ethics, to be a reliable independent partner recognised for guarantying the quality of his products.
More information is available on www.biolife.be