KORYS is relocating to ‘Domein Broekborre’


As you know, KORYS is an investment company that goes beyond the numbers. We are a team that inspires and creates long-term value with a focus on sustainability. That is why we are moving to our new home, which we also see as an inspiring environment, shaped by a history of entrepreneurship. Our new ‘home’ is located in ‘Domein Broekborre’ at the Villalaan in Halle, a domain that we will be revitalizing with fresh vigour and energy. This elegant building, a former private residence and school, dates back to 1890 and charmed us with its neoclassical architecture. We are more than happy to provide a sustainable future to this extensively renovated building. Here is how Bart Lens, the architect who led the renovation works, describes the building:

The exterior....

“The original main building and lower addition are imbued with a sense of the late 19th century. A new building has replaced the old service building, which was added during the interwar period. Since the colour and gabarit are in keeping with the original manor house, a harmonious whole is created. The entrance is prominent yet unassuming. The facade, which folds inwards, leads to the atrium or patio. From here you can continue to the offices, kitchen and underground car park. The lovely park and terraces are perfect for catching a breath of fresh air or enjoying a chat.”

... and the interior

The drawing room and stairwell are silent witnesses of yesteryear. The rest of the interior has been refurbished: “In doing so, we maintained the traditional handmade cabinetwork and other details, from the doors, window frames and fireplaces to the decorative ceilings and wall mirror. The modern elements in the new interior merge effortlessly with the original elements. The ergonomically and simply furnished offices – featuring the KORYS colours – are comfortable and inviting. Moreover, the design is flexible: the layout can be changed quickly and easily to meet different needs. This lets us guarantee a sustainable future for the building,” concludes Bart.

Together with the entire KORYS team, we look forward to welcoming you in our new home for inspiring conversations!