Mimetas and Roche enter in a collaboration to develop human disease models for drug development


Leiden, The Netherlands – 6 July 2021 – Mimetas, a leader in organ-on-a-chip-based disease models and technology, and Roche, a world-leading pharmaceutical company, announced today that they have entered a collaboration to develop human disease models to characterize novel compounds in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and hepatitis B virus infections (HBV). Under the terms of the agreement, Mimetas is eligible to receive an upfront payment and milestone payments from Roche.

Mimetas will be responsible for developing tissue-based disease models and assays in the OrganoPlate, its proprietary organ-on-a-chip platform that increases the predictability of biomarkers and  reduces animal use in scientific testing. Roche will gain access to technology, disease models and scientific results. Roche will also receive an option to exclusively license specific disease models and assays for use in drug discovery. "This exciting collaboration enables our Research & Early Development group to apply state-of-the-art organ-on-a-chip technology in the modelling of IBD and HBV. These models have the potential to improve our understanding of disease biology and transform our drug discovery process," said James Sabry, Global Head, Roche Pharma Partnering. "The collaboration with Roche leverages our ongoing focus on developing predictive, phenotypic models, preceded by numerous successful projects over the last eight years," said Jos Joore, CEO of Mimetas. "We will leverage our disease modelling expertise in our world-leading OrganoPlate platform to gain novel insights in IBD and HBV. Working together with the outstanding Roche team, we hope to make a difference in the lives of patients."

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Mimetas is a world leader in disease modelling using organ-on-a-chip technologies. Its proprietary OrganoPlate® platform enables the development and high-throughput screening of physiologically relevant disease models. The company offers its technology and know-how in therapy co-development projects, services and off-the-shelf products. Mimetas works with leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide to develop novel therapies for unresolved diseases. Mimetas was founded in 2013 in Leiden, the Netherlands, and has grown into a multinational company with operations in Asia, Europe and the United States.

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