New online supermarket focuses on service and experience


Smartmat, the company behind the Belgian meal box Foodbag, launches an online supermarket today. According to business unit manager Mattias Decuypere, Rayon is fully committed to service and experience and gives priority to local products. "We are very excited about this project, and that is something our customers will feel."<br /> <br />

Rayon is the first online supermarket in Belgium to provide national coverage. For customers in Flanders and Brussels, Rayon promises next day delivery: if you order before 6 p.m., your purchases will be delivered the next day. In Wallonia, Rayon is currently offering home deliveries three times a week. Business unit manager Mattias Decuypere: "We are a truly Belgian company, so we deliver throughout Belgium." According to Decuypere, Rayon wants to make life easier for its customers: "Our webshop is very user-friendly, so you can do your shopping quickly and easily. At the same time, we also take away the customer's stress of choice. We offer a broad and at the same time very clear range of products, with a limited number of options for each product. Why would customers have to choose from twenty different types of eggs?" In the meantime, Rayon is strongly committed to experience and service. Decuypere: "We are very enthusiastic about this project. And our customers will feel that. Good texts, great images and interesting blog articles on the website, couriers who are happy to deliver their goods and employees who help them straight away if anything is not quite right." Like Foodbag, Rayon prioritises quality and close-to-home products. Decuypere: "We work with a great many suppliers and producers from Belgium and neighbouring countries that we know very well. We gladly share the story about the origin of their products. We also often work with lesser-known brands, offering at least the same quality as the bigger ones. As a result, we select more sustainable and local products." According to Smartmat CEO Stéphane Ronse, the company wants to build a strong and Belgian e-commerce story with Rayon: "We foresee a shift in the retail landscape in the coming years. After electronics and clothing, fresh food is the next wave in e-commerce. More and more people order their groceries online because it saves them so much time. With Rayon, we target people who love to buy Belgian and appreciate the convenience, quality and first-class service."

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